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helloveronique you’re the only one who finds his selfie ugly lmao and “constructive criticism”???? is this a joke??? but ya still not gonna unfollow him??? rude ass

oh please fuck off. there’s nothing wrong with sheeping and defending ur sheppard, but u must actually be delusional if u think I was attacking him. I said it was not a cute pic. I said he was not a bad looking guy. He actually called me a “stank ass” and a “dumb fuck” for expressing my opinion, along with someone else, then tries to pull the “I have a low self esteem” card for sympathy. Posting selfies to try to get some love….. lmfao ok anyway he’s not a nice person so I honestly do not give a fuck how much u twist my words to make me look like an asshole. if all u look for is compliments, then get the fuck off the internet, stand infront of a mirror and compliment yourself.




"You’re not a bad looking guy but this isn’t really cute"

Ain’t nobody ask for your opinion you stank ass

bitch, if u didnt want anyone commenting on the horrible faces u make in that pic, idk why u even posted it

Get the fuck out of here and unfollow me you stupid ass I don’t got time for rude ass pieces of shit like you thats my normal ass face you dildoneck

Lmfaooooooo I saw ur fucking selfie a few days ago and didn’t say anything cause I could not care less, but ur the one insulting others for giving u constructive criticism about it. Like fuck, would u have rather everyone jusy finds it ugly af and not tell u????? If u can only handle compliments and no criticism, then ur living in a fantasy world. And noooo, I wont unfollow u because ur reblogs make me laugh. Dont think I follow u for u, cause I see how fucking rude u are with others. Hypocritical little shit